A422 Deployable Radar System

  • Complete integrated drone detection & ground surveillance system
  • Excels at micro-drone detection in congested urban environments
  • Covert day & night operation
  • Detect / Locate / Recognise
  • Deployed on simple modular mast sections
  • Low power consumption with mains & battery power options
  • Clearly displays targets on background map
  • User-defined geographic alert zones allow unattended monitoring

Blighter's A422 Deployable Radar System is a fully integrated off-the-shelf drone detection and ground surveillance system. Its primary mission is the detection of nano and micro-drones... READ MORE

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Blighter’s ‘A422 Deployable Radar System’ is a fully integrated off-the-shelf drone detection and ground surveillance system. Its primary mission is the detection of nano and micro-drones, now being commonly used on battlefields and in urban combat zones for hostile reconnaissance.

Detectable drone types include consumer drones such as the DJI Phantom, DJI Mavic and DJI Mini. DJI Phantom 3 or 4 drones can be detected by the radar up to 3.5 km in range. Larger ground or air targets, including battlefield UAVs such as the Eleron-3 and Orlan-10 can be detected up to a maximum of 20 km in range.

System Configuration

The system is designed for rapid deployment from Peli-style transit cases and can be used for:

         Urban battlefield reconnaissance
         Remote border surveillance
         Camp protection
         Other covert operations

The fully integrated system includes mast mounting hardware, system cabling, mains power supply and a rugged laptop for remote system operation via a wired network connection.

For ease of operation and training, the Windows-based laptop is pre-installed with the BlighterView HMI Command & Control (C2) package as well as BlighterTrack and BlighterClass software options. BlighterClass is an ‘AI’ powered machine learning on-demand target classifier which differentiates between drones, bird, humans and vehicles.

Deployable Radar System

The modular rapid deployment mast sections are designed to be compact and simple to setup, and be easily repaired or adapted for more complex installations. The radar can be remotely extended from the operator by means of standard ‘Cat 5’ Ethernet twisted pair cabling.

The system can be mains powered using the supplied 110/230 V mains PSU or can be DC powered using commonly available 12 to 24 V Li-ion or Lead-acid batteries.


The A422 deployable radar system covers a horizontal azimuth scan sector of 180°. For 360° surveillance a dual-A422 back-to-back configuration can be used. The radar uses Blighter’s W20S antennas which give a wide vertical elevation coverage up to 30°.


The A422 deployable radar system is a complete, off-the-shelf, rapidly deployable drone detection and ground surveillance system with both mains and battery power options. Target speeds ranging from hover-drift to over 400 km/h are all detected.


A422 Radar Bundle

         A400 series main radar unit with built-in W20S antennas
         A400 series aux radar unit with built-in W20S antennas
         Modular mast sections (x2) with Radar Mounts
         Main/aux control cable
         Main/aux RF cable (x2)
         Main/aux power link cable
         QuickSet Gibraltar tripod (or similar)
         Peli-style transit cases to hold all items

 Laptop Bundle

         Ruggedised Windows laptop, mains PSU and vehicle DC power adapter
         BlighterView HMI C2 software (pre-installed)
         BlighterTrack target tracking software (pre-installed)
         BlighterClass target classifier software (pre-installed)
         Peli-style transit cases to hold all items

 Network & Power Bundle

         Cat 5 network cable
         Cat 5 network cable extension reel
         24 V DC power cable
24 V DC power cable extension reel
Mains PSU (110/230 V AC to 24 V DC)

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