Explore Blighter’s range of best-in-class electronic-scanning (e-scan) ground radar systems for national border security, counter-drone, perimeter security, wide area surveillance and coastline security:

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Blighter C400 Series Onshore and Offshore Installation Security Radars 1 07/12/2021 Posted In: Press Releases On & Offshore Installation Security Radars to Protect Oil Facilities Blighter has been awarded a contract to provide its C400 series onshore and offshore installation security radars... Read More
Anti-Drone Radar System 12/08/2021 Posted In: Industry News Anti-Drone Radar Technology to Counter Drone Threats In June, bomb blasts threatened security at the Indian Air Force Station in Jammu, northern India, as a low-flying drone dropped IEDs within the air base... Read More
Upcoming Events 3CDSE 2021 Blighter Promo 02/11/2021 Posted In: Events 3CDSE 2021 features Blighter’s A800 3D Multi-Mode Radar A800 3D Multi-Mode Drone Detection Radar Showcased on Stand 12a at 3CDSE 2021 in Malvern, Worcestershire... Read More