The Telegraph Talks to Blighter CEO Angus Hone

“From a land base or air base those threats are very real and we’ve got the capability to help deliver.” – The Telegraph, 5 March 2022.

Our CEO, Angus Hone, spoke to The Telegraph about Blighter’s unique radar solutions and the applications of emerging detection and counter UAV technology in the modern battlespace.

Events taking place in Ukraine are set to shift demand in favour of specialist equipment.  To read the full article head to:

The Telegraph

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About Blighter (

Blighter Surveillance Systems employs 40 people and is located near Cambridge, UK. Blighter designs and manufactures world-beating 2D and 3D electronic-scanning ground-based radars, which can accurately detect drones, people, vehicles and boats at large distances.

Its radars are key sensors in surveillance and counter-drone applications, and are used in more than 35 countries around the world, delivering 24/7 security protection along national borders and coastlines, at military bases, and to protect manoeuvre force missions when deployed on military land vehicles and trailers.  Blighter’s radars also play a key role in guarding critical national infrastructure (CNI) sites such as airports, power plants and oil and gas facilities.