Plextek’s Blighter Ground Surveillance Radars Given Key Performance Boost (2 September 2009)

  • Longer detection ranges, faster scanning and wider scan angles extend Blighter’s class-leading intruder detection capability

Plextek, the Cambridge-based specialists in electronics design and supply of surveillance products has announced a number of important performance enhancements to its range of Blighter ground surveillance radar, including significantly extended detection ranges and support for wider scan angles as well as introducing its new ‘Vortex Fast-Scan’ technology. These new features further enhance the radars capability to deliver class-leading ‘Persistent Surveillance’, offering unrivalled protection against both conventional and asymmetric threats.

The radar’s scanning speed has been dramatically improved using Blighter’s ‘Vortex Fast-Scan’ technology across the whole Blighter Surveillance range. These modes employ Plextek’s new multi-beam electronic-scanning technology, and maintain Blighter’s ability to detect ultra-slow movement, something which mechanically scanned radars cannot achieve.

In addition, the Blighter B400 Series radars now feature new range modes that extend detection ranges out to either 16 or 32 km. These radars, which are ideal for fixed or mobile applications, can also be configured to detect a walking person in excess of 10 km.

Plextek is also releasing the Blighter B202 Mk 2, Plextek’s new lightweight and compact radar, suited to man-portable and mobile applications. The B202 Mk 2 incorporates new features including an 8 km capability, enhanced antennas enabling an impressive 90 degree electronic-scan angle as well as incorporating the new ‘Vortex Fast-Scan’ technology.

Mark Radford, Plextek’s Director of Security Products comments: “Blighter radars have been proven to greatly increase the response capability and effectiveness of military and/or security personnel. These impressive new enhancements perfectly meet our customers’ needs for high performance, accurate and reliable intruder detection.”

Blighter e-scan radars use modern solid-state electronics and have no moving parts, thereby removing the requirement for routine maintenance as well as offering dramatic improvements in reliability over traditional mechanically rotating radars. The radars also offer exceptional target detection performance in rocky, mountainous terrain. Blighter surveillance products address a broad range of security requirements in the defence, homeland security and civil/commercial markets. Blighter radars are part of a range of advanced Plextek technologies that provide class-leading protection against both conventional and asymmetric terrorist threats. Blighter is currently being used by the UK MoD to meet an urgent operational requirement.

To see a Blighter demonstration, please visit Plextek’s stand No. 498 at DSEi.