Critical National Infrastructure Protection

Governments worldwide have a responsibility to provide critical national infrastructure protection from criminal and terrorist attack. The Blighter radar is ideally suited for surveillance of the areas in and around critical national infrastructure, providing early warning of intruders and allowing other sensors and personnel to intercept the threat at the earliest opportunity before any damage is done.

The Blighter radar works equally well over land or water and simultaneously provides the ability to detect low-flying air targets. The Blighter radar’s electronic-scanning technology provides industry leading reliability and covert operation for installations that require 100% availability 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Airport CZ/RZ Boundary Monitoring

The Blighter radar provides instantaneous measurement of target positions allowing it to be used for both large-area perimeter protection and monitoring of the line between areas of different security rating such as CZ/RZ (Controlled Zone/Restricted Zone) lines. This capability allows airport operators to comply with critical elements of EU Directive EC 300-2008. The Blighter radar operates continuously day and night and in all weather conditions.

The long-range detection capability of the Blighter radar together with its wide elevation beam allows it to be mounted high on remote buildings, thereby reducing the number of radars required for a given area and dramatically reducing installation costs as no ground-work is required. A range of long-range camera and thermal imagers may be connected to the Blighter radar for confirmation of the distant targets detected. The Blighter radar’s low power FMCW electronic signature is compatible with other airport communications and navigation equipment.

Nuclear Power Station Security

Nuclear power generation facilities are sensitive to attack by both terrorists and green activists. Most nuclear plants have excellent physical protection as well as reasonable electronic ground surveillance, however the size and complexity of land around Nuclear sites often makes traditional electronic surveillance, using cameras and fence sensors, very expensive to procure and maintain. The Blighter radar can provide competitive through-life costs when compared to multicamera/TI video analytic systems or traditional fence detection systems. In addition the Blighter radar offers the unique capability of being able to simultaneously scan both the land/water and the sky for low flying targets including parachutists, hand-gliders and UAVs.

The Blighter radar provides precise measurement of target location on the ground giving early warning of intruders to security staff and allowing existing CCTV cameras to be automatically cued to track and record the event.

Security of Oil, Gas and Water Pipelines & Processing Facilities

The ever increasing cost of oil, gas and water makes their production facilities and associated pipelines targets for terrorists, green activists and general theft or vandalism. The Blighter radar can provide wide area surveillance on and around the production facilities, and along the pipeline the Blighter radar can electronically scan a narrower arc to monitor the pipeline more intensively and thus ensure critical national infrastructure protection.

In areas with undulating land, especially sand dunes, the Blighter radar may be mounted high above the ground to allow it to see into the undulations. The Blighter radar’s wide elevation beam will allow it to detect intruders both at long and short range in a single electronic-scan.

The low-power requirements of the Blighter radar allow it to be operated from solar or other renewable power. With its high reliability, zero moving parts operation, the Blighter radar can be installed in remote locations and operated for years at a time from solar power with minimal maintenance.

Crisis Response

International crisis response teams inevitably need to operate in areas with minimal infrastructure and security issues. In these circumstances a rapidly deployable surveillance system comprising of Blighter radar, cameras, thermal imagers, remote sensor systems and power generation on an integrated platform provide instant critical national infrastructure protection for the teams and their equipment when they arrive. For deployment in extremely remote areas, the portable Blighter B202 Mk 2 and supporting equipment may be backpacked and where roads or helicopter transport is available, a longer range trailer-based surveillance system using the Blighter B400 radar system may be deployed.