Enabling Technologies for Port and Harbor Security

Source: www.militaryaerospace.com/resources/article/14068779/enabling-technologies-for-port-and-harbor-security

Blighter’s Co-Founder and CTO – Mark Radford – features in JR Wilson‘s article for Military & Aerospace Electronics.

Blending electro-optical sensors, radar, sonar, unmanned vehicles, and good old-fashioned human patrolling represent the latest approaches to keeping the nation’s waterways safe from terrorism, spying, and sabotage.

The United States has always depended on water transport to import, export, and distribute goods. As the nation expanded from 13 East Coast colonies to a nation ranging from Maine and the U.S. Virgin Islands in the East to Alaska and Guam in the West, the movement of goods by ocean and rivers became even more important — and remains so to this day.