Counter-UAS Technology Webinar

Blighter’s Geoff Moore is speaking to BIS Research about protecting critical assets from drone intrusions.  The webinar takes place on Wednesday 15 January 2020 at 10:30 (PST) / 13:30 (EST) / 18:30 (GMT).

About this Event

In the light of the recent drone attacks on the Saudi Aramco oil facility and several other incidents reported, the implementation and wide adoption of counter-drone technology are pertinent. One can protect their critical assets with the use of counter-drone technology (C-UAS). The counter drone technology can detect, identify and track small/micro drones and neutralize the potential threat.


How counter-drone technology is important to protect your critical assets?

A snapshot of key takeaways

  1. Understand the importance of counter-drone solutions in today’s world
  2. What is the most preferred technology across commercial, government and military end users?
  3. Identify the unique challenges faced in counter-drone industry with their solutions?
  4. Who will be the early adopters of C-UAS technologies?
  5. What are the key emerging military counter-drone technologies?

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