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Anti-Drone Radar Technology to Counter Drone Threats

In June, bomb blasts threatened security at the Indian Air Force Station in Jammu, northern India, as a low-flying drone dropped IEDs within the air base...

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Rogue Drones at High-Profile Public Events

The risk of rogue drones at large, high-profile public events such as the Euro 2020 football competition, and the COP26 climate change conference highlights the importance of effective drone detection...

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Coastal Security and the G7 2021 Summit in Cornwall

As Cornwall welcomed some of the most powerful world leaders at the G7 summit, the event has highlighted the importance of coastal security...

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Drone Near Miss with Aircraft Carrying UK Diplomat

The close call between a rogue drone and an aircraft carrying the UK’s leading diplomat reminds us of the challenges we face to keep the skies safe against evolving threats...

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