Blighter Exhibits at AUSA Now 2020 Virtual Exhibition

It is now less than one week until Blighter Surveillance Systems exhibits as AUSA’s annual meeting for 2020. AUSA Now 2020 takes place fully online as a virtual event and attendee registration for next week’s show is open now to qualified participants (please see details below).  This virtual event takes place next week, from Tuesday 13 October to Friday 16 October 2020 (the exhibit hall is open from 08:00 – 15:00 Eastern Daylight Time).

Blighter will be exhibiting its full range of ground-based radar systems, including the recently launched A800 3D Drone Detection Radar. Blighter radars are used in more than 35 countries around the world, delivering 24/7 security protection along national borders and coastlines, at military bases, and to protect manoeuvre force missions when deployed on military land vehicles and trailers.

Running alongside the 450+ booth virtual exhibitor hall will be a comprehensive conference programme, with a full agenda of webinars, webcasts and roundtable events taking place. More details of next week’s schedule can be found on AUSA’s website via the following links:

AUSA NOW 2020 Registration

As a private association, AUSA reserves the right to deny admission or to cancel any registration without explanation. Registrants at AUSA Now should have an “identifiable relationship” with AUSA. The following are examples of acceptable demonstrations of such a relationship:

  • AUSA Membership
  • Any member of the US Armed Forces or their immediate family
  • Employee of an exhibiting company
  • Employee of an AUSA National Partner or Community Partner
  • Civilian or contracted employee of the Federal Government
  • Member of a U.S. military or veteran association
  • Member of the military forces of foreign nations, or civilian embassy employee
  • Military Cadet (service academies or JROTC/ROTC, OCS)
  • Media
  • Member of a Federal, State, or municipal law enforcement agency, a firefighter,
    or an EMT/EMS

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