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Islamic State Drone Warfare Scuppered by British Zappers

American troops in Syria and Iraq have helped to destroy more than 500 Islamic State drones using a British-made £1.5 million device...

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AUDS Counter-drone System Enhanced for Vehicle Deployment and to Defeat Swarm Attacks

The AUDS counter-UAS defence system has been enhanced for deployment on military and commercial security and surveillance vehicles and with new technology to more effectively defeat swarm attacks by malicious unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), including long range winged drones...

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Blighter Unveils Lower Cost E-scan Doppler Radar for Airports and Critical Infrastructure Protection

BSS has introduced a lower cost, entry level version of its Blighter B400 Series Doppler ground surveillance radar aimed specifically at airports and critical infrastructure sites...

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Spanish Defence Ministry Selects AUDS System to Detect and Neutralise UAVs/Drones

The Spanish Defence Ministry (Ministerio de Defensa) has selected the AUDS counter-UAV system to protect critical assets and personnel from the growing threat...

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Blighter Unveils Man Portable Radar/Camera System for Rapid Deployment and Covert Operation

BSS has unveiled Blighter® Explorer Nexus, a fully integrated, battery operated, man portable radar/camera surveillance system...

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AUDS Counter-drone System First to Achieve TRL-9 Status Following Successful Deployment with U.S. Forces

The AUDS counter-UAS defence system – field proven to detect, track and defeat malicious and errant unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) or drones – is the first fully integrated system worldwide to achieve TRL-9 status...

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