Blighter reshapes board for growth, appointing Keith Todd CBE as non-executive chairman and Angus Hone as CEO...

Reshape Board for Growth

Blighter radars integrated with Genetec Security Center to deliver wide area radar surveillance to airports...


S-Connect now fully qualified to build, test, support and maintain Blighter radars from its new, dedicated manufacturing facility in Korea...


Blighter to supply counter-UAV technology to Liteye Systems for multi-million-dollar US DoD contracts...

Liteye C-AUDS

Coastal Security

Dam, Harbour, Seaport and Naval Base protection. Coastal surveillance and offshore platform security.

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Critical Infrastructure Protection

Airport CZ/RZ boundary monitoring. Nuclear power stations. Oil, gas & water pipeline/processing facilities.
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Defence and
Force Protection

Forward Operating Base security, Pattern of Life analysis, Mobile Force Protection & Checkpoint security.
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National Border Security

Detection of illegal immigrants & smugglers, prevention of narco terrorism and monitoring of border incursions.
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UK Flag (Greyscale)UK Flag (Colour)

Designed and Made in the UK

Blighter Surveillance Systems is a UK-based designer and manufacturer of advanced e-scan radars
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Blighter is recruiting:

We are seeking new team members to support increased sales and the development of our next generation of Blighter radars.

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